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 In-game track editor to create your own online tournaments
 Nitro or boost pads
 New track parts (e.g. loops or half-pipes)
 Car damage
 More cars and game enviroments

Frequently asked questions...
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Q: When I try connecting to the internet it says it can't be connected. I have turned the wap on and still nothing.
  A: There is a problem with the configuration of your phone. There is a warning on every purchase page to try this before the purchase. But don't worry, any phone able to run KORa is also able to access internet from the game. Unfortunately there are no general instructions what you should do. It depends on the phone you have and your service provider. They should help you on the help-line of your service provider if you ask them to help you to configure your phone to access the internet from a java application. Sometimes the wap browser is configured but the profile for java applications is not. Or your service provider allows access to only limited scope of servers (e.g. Vodafone Live! profiles).
Q: I have a new phone. Can I use my key again to activate a new installation?
  A: Of course, you can use your key any times you want. We would only recommend you to save your progress in the game onto the server (go to Options>Career>Store to server). If you download the progress in the new installation (Options>Career>Restore from server), all tracks, cars and bonuses you've already won will be unlocked again!
Q: I tried to download settings, but my phone is not listed. Can I run the game?
  A: Very probably yes. Just select the most similar phone to the one you own. If even the brand of your phone is not listed, use manual configuration and try to experiment with settings. Important parameters are usually transparency and z-buffer. If you find a satisfactory settings, please send us an exact description of it to kora@koragame.com and your phone will be added to the list.
Q: I want to play with my friend in bluetooth multiplayer, but when we try to start the game, our phones do not connect (or disconnect right after the start of the game or could not reconnect after the end the first game). Is there any solution?
  A: Bluetooth is a delicate thing. It should be working perfectly with a majority of phones, but certain combinations of phones are problematic. Please note, that your phone could behave differently when you start the game in server or client mode. So if the phone could not connect in one mode, try the other one.
Q: Now I'm playing the career, and I have to say, that after a few races, it becomes very very hard, almost impossible for me to complete races. Why is the game so difficult?
  A: Do you play on the easy difficulty? If you have a phone with a classic keyboard, definitely try the special control scheme developed for this game (go to Options > Controls and scroll to right/left-handed). It is kind of unusual and maybe it would take you a few minutes to get used to it, but it allows you to use both hands at once. So you can easily release the throttle before a sharp curve and controls will get much more precise.

We should also clarify the main philosophy of the game. It was never supposed to be an easy-to-play arcade racer. Its key feature are online tournaments and the career is only meant as a practise for them (and players in the tour are much better than AI opponents). This requires an appropriate gameplay. If it was too easy to master, the tournaments would have no sense, because everyone would get the same results. The experience of players from the tour proves, that this is not the case. Even after several months they are still able to get better and they still play the game. In our opinion, this is what a game should be like. It should be a challenge.
Q: My phone has special gaming buttons above the display. Can I use them to control the game?
  A: Yes, you can in the landscape mode. Just select the desired rotation of the screen (options>graphics>rotation) and classic control scheme (options>controls>scroll to classic), and A+B buttons will control throttle and brakes. Or you can configure keys any way you like in custom control scheme.
Q: What the heck does KORa means?
  A: We kind of like KO prefix for our products (e.g. KODi dictionary). The other two letters are a shortcut of the second part of the name. This means that the full title of this game is KO Racing.
Q: The graphics is pretty lame. I have seen much better in many games. Why isn't it better?
  A: We agree that the graphics of the enviroment is simple and little boring, but this is the price for the possibility of online tournaments. If the tracks were more detailed, the creation of one track would take days instead of hours, as it is now. Furthermore, detailed tracks would be larger and it would cost you much more to download them. This system also allows you to create your own tracks using the track editor you can win in Online Tour.