We Want to Know
What new feature do you want in KORa?

 In-game track editor to create your own online tournaments
 Nitro or boost pads
 New track parts (e.g. loops or half-pipes)
 Car damage
 More cars and game enviroments

Shareware Licence Agreement

This game is shareware, but not free software. It is owned by Jollybox and protected by copyright laws and treaties. It is licensed, not sold.
Please note that rights to use and redistribute the game are rights granted by this licence. By running the game you indicate your complete acceptance of this licence agreement. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, remove the game from any device you installed it on. You may then neither use nor redistribute the software.

You are licensed to evaluate this game with no charge until you are sure that it works on your system, that you enjoy playing it, and that it has lasting appeal. When you are satisfied that this is the case, a registration fee is required.

This game is licensed for personal use. The licence is not transferable, but you may install and register multiple copies on devices used by you and your immediate family using a single activation key.
You may not use a activation key to unlock the game on any other device without removing the installation and/or registration immediately after leaving said device.
The activation key is to be seen as confidential information. We reserve the right to revoke a key in part or in full should it become publicly available, whether by intent or by mistake. In case of key revocation there will be no refund of the registration fee. A replacement key may or may not be offered to the original buyer at our discretion.

You are allowed and encouraged to distribute the game in a non-commercial way. You may not charge any money to the person receiving the game beyond your actual costs of distribution.
Commercial periodical publications may distribute the game on their cover disks without special permission.
Online Tour

The "Online Tour" feature is provided to registered customers as an extra service and is not to be seen as included in the registration fee. We do not guarantee uptime or access, and we reserve the right to discontinue the service without refund at any time, for any reason, and for any and all users.
Cheat and hack attempts, as well as inappropriate name entries, may result in a temporary or permanent ban from Online Tour.
To post or display online top scores, the game transmits data to our servers over the public Internet. This data contains only game information and your game nickname and activation key encrypted. No other information about you or your device is transmitted in these requests.
Disclaimer of Warranty

A lot of effort has gone into making the game as free of bugs as possible, but because of the many software and hardware environments into which it can be made to run, the game and the accompanying files come "as is" and without any warranties whether expressed or implied. The user must assume the entire risk of running the program. Any liability of the developer/seller will be limited exclusively to product replacement or refund of registration fee.