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 In-game track editor to create your own online tournaments
 Nitro or boost pads
 New track parts (e.g. loops or half-pipes)
 Car damage
 More cars and game enviroments

2010-02-13 01:23
Due to minor problems with the preparation of the "big" next tournament with prizes, the deadline of the current tournament is extended by one week. We are sorry for this but hopefully it will result in a better tournament with more players attending.

The next tournament will consist of three tracks and will last for one month. The best player will be rewarded with this beautiful Samsung S5230 Star with a special Deluxe version of KORa preinstalled. All players up to the tenth place will also receive this Deluxe version. Members of the best team will win a track editor, in which you can create your own races for the single player campaign and the bluetooth multiplayer! Of course, this contest is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. The winners will be informed by email (if this is available) and a special message displayed at the top of the Online Tour screen (so check this out when the tournament is over).
Samsung Star
2009-08-07 15:33
With the full version you get:
  • Access to the massive multiplayer part of the game - Online Tour. Download new tracks and compare your skills with players from all over the world. Form a team with your friends and race together.
  • Additional 5 hours of gameplay with another 4 cars and 23 races. Race on special tracks with long jumps in various weather conditions. These tracks and top speed cars are also accessible in the bluetooth multiplayer.
  • You can store progress of your game onto the server. If you update the game or change your phone, just restore your career and continue from the same point where you ended.
  • Support for motion sensor controls. Control your game in an iPhone-like way.
2009-06-09 01:54
The third tournament exceeded all our expectations. A thrilling contest with a lot of jumps and ever-changing rankings has a well deserved winner - SODAN TOK, who convincingly won both races of the tournament.
The fourth tournament will be the last tournament supported by the current version of KORa. The next version of the game has a lot of changes, including changes in handling of cars and fixed bug in drifting. Therefore, we have to change the format of tournaments, so that the all players have the same conditions. If you have already installed KORa, update it please with the new version released with the start of the fifth tournament.
2009-06-05 00:47
The second tournament is over and this time, a notably larger number of players joined it. Hopefully, the third tournament will continue in this trend. The winner of the second tournament is a player with nickname PETR, so congratulations!

For the testing, we have enough players which joined it now, so we are pausing acceptance of new players into the testing. However, if you want to play the game, you have an option to buy the activation key. This key is valid for any future version of the game and it's only $2.99, so no need to hesitate...
2009-05-14 00:56
An old trailer for the game from spring 2008.