2009-05-14 00:24
Rules of Online Tour
Online Tour is the most compelling part of KORa. Each week, a new tournament starts and you can download new tracks and compare your skills with players from all over the world!
A tournament consists of one to four events, in which you compete in racing for the best lap time, the time of the whole race or the highest score in drifting.
The number of points you will earn for each event is equal to the number of players you will defeat in this event. The more people attend the tournament, the more points you could earn. Furthermore, with the start of each new tournament, you will lose 10% of your actual points. These rules ensures that even a new-coming player can get a nice score after a few tournaments.
In some tournaments, you can win interesting prizes. Some of them are virtual (additional points into the tour or a special game content). From time to time, a tournament is also rewarded with valuable awards such as mobile phones or exclusive promotional products. Check news page to find more information.
If you win some prize, you will be informed by an email sent to the address you specify, when you pay for the key.