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What new feature do you want in KORa?

 In-game track editor to create your own online tournaments
 Nitro or boost pads
 New track parts (e.g. loops or half-pipes)
 Car damage
 More cars and game enviroments

2010-02-25 02:02
Win Samsung S5230 Star!
The tournament, in which you can win this beautiful Samsung S5230 Star, lasts through the whole March and consists of three events:

» Race for the fastest lap in the desert maze of crossings in the fastest car in the game.

» Contest for the best score in the drifting on a snowy track. Remember that the longer a drift lasts, the more points are added to your score.

» Tricky race for the best time on a track with two long jumps. Which way to go to be the fastest? To the left, right, straight or backwards?
Samsung Star

This tournament ends at midnight CET on March 31. The best player will be rewarded with Samsung S5230 Star with a special Deluxe version of KORa preinstalled. All players up to the tenth place will also receive this Deluxe version. Members of the best team will win a track editor, in which you can create your own races for the single player campaign and the bluetooth multiplayer! Of course, this contest is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. The winners will be informed by email (if this is available) and a special message displayed at the top of the Online Tour screen (so check this out when the tournament is over).